The Importance of a Dining Room

 The dining room is a special space. It symbolises a place for gathering and connecting with loved ones. Many memories are formed in this room. Yet today we see more and more of a disconnect with this space, as lives become busier and family mealtimes accompany tv and screen time.

Research suggests that utilising the dining room for mealtimes increases quality time spent with family, encouraging conversations and interactions. Not to mention, sit-down family mealtimes help us process our day and develop healthy eating habits.

So how can we make our dining room a space we use every day not just for special occasions?

The first thing to consider is comfort. Having comfortable dining chairs can make a big difference to how long you want to sit in a space. By adding soft textures and surfaces to the room you can also create a homely feel.

You can also create comfort by using durable and rustic furnishings. By doing this, you are creating a space that compliments general wear and tear. Meaning you can feel comfortable using this space on a daily basis, as appose to formally. You can do this by adding a cleanable rug under your dining table and chair coverings that are an easy-clean material. Rustic dining tables are also great because they allow for you  and your family to be more relaxed with maintaining it.

 Lastly, add atmosphere to the space! Add soft warm lighting and maybe some candles to create a cosy feel. Soft lighting can be achieved by adding lamps in the room or even a low dimmable pendant light over the table.  All of these additions to your room will inspire you to spend more time connecting with others in this space, in comfort and style.